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We got fired for not getting more than 8x ROi.


Expectations with our performance marketing run high because we make our clients a ton of money through intent-driving ads, but c’mon.

Creative Performance Marketing | Branding | UI/UX | Films | Digital Ads

Creative Performance Marketing | Branding | UI/UX | Films | Digital Ads


Performance Marketing

We’ve spent over Rs. 60,00,000 ($70,000) on Google, Meta and E-mail Marketing since January 2022 and successfully scaled brands, through an omni-channel presence, on all levels of Acquisition, Retention and Remarketing strategies.


5X consistent ROAS for a winter hoodie brand, without breaking a sweat.


Getting leads for Rs.50, with a client LTV of Rs.5,00,000


We make all creatives, video and static, but never without data input. Our designers and writers understand how to use data to optimize their creativity and keep scaling the numbers.

Pink jam life

Enabling a life coaching service in London, from Mumbai


Going toe-to-toe with Fintech giants by focusing on financial wellness for Gen-Z.


We believe that the key to unlock performance and intent is through world-class user journeys. We enhance our UI/UX work through frequent data inputs, to give you the highest chance of conversions from day one.

shop alt

Merging UI/UX with marketing ideas to create India’s first thrift store community


Conceiving and designing India’s first localized game application.


We love taking our brands 0 to 100, and at each step we are heavily informed by performance and data. We believe this is the modern way to build a brands that not only looks great, but one that converts too.

brawny bear

How to market peanut butter without images? Make a kick-ass branding.

dream Nutrition

Reinventing the wellness space, with a burst of gradients.

Targeting is overrated


The algorithms today don’t need granular targeting to thrive, because the AI automates your brand to interested consumers anyway. What it needs, weirdly, is a really good ad that prioritises consumer experience, that’s what really makes the robots go berserk.

Performance Marketing

We run & manage ads on Meta & Google. We also manage e-mail campaigns on Klaviyo and Active Campaign, while we use various tools to manage your WhatsApp marketing.


Weird curates startegies for Pre-seeded Brands, Scaling and Customer Experience. We combine this with Data Research for optimum output.

Creative Design & Copy

Weird offers creation of complete Design Language Systems. It writes and designs for Websites, Static Ads and all Marketing Collaterals. We also produce videos for which we write scripts and screenplay.


Weird executes the following services on a project-basis: Brand Identity and Naming, UI/UX, Film Production, Reels Production, Full Stack Development, Photoshoot Production & Packaging


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Branding. packaging. Performance. uI/UX


performance marketing. uI/uX

daily staple

performance. marketing. ui/ux.

brawny bear

performance marketing. Branding. ui/ux.

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