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Enabling a life coaching service in London, from Mumbai

The good people at Pink Jam Life were already operational in London – and had some loyal clients when they got in touch with us. Their key problem was that they had a lot more slots to fill, and also that their service wasn’t streamlined. Another problem was the pricing – and the surrounding trouble with that was the large variations in pricing from their competitors. We thought that the service was brilliant and didn’t need a price drop to work. All it needed was good branding and good ads.

Branding Idea

The brand wasn’t looking to do a rebrand, but we felt very strongly about the hidden potential that existed. The name itself meant we go strong on Pink – which by itself could hold the brand identity. In a service such as this, it was important to show people, the folks who are happy. We used a lot of clipping masks and layered them around our stylized pink design. We also inserted a small philosophical note in our styling by making things feel like a paper cut out and uneven. The idea was to show that nobody is perfect and that’s where the beauty lies.


The key balance here was to give equal weightage to both the copies and people in design. We wanted to take them through large segments that enabled them to be inspired but also engaged. The unique idea came from the uneven segment division, which then provided us with a way to move past the standard ideas. This also helped us say more without making it tedious for the reader, which was the key to our sale.


The website was released in early 2022 – and it instantly received more registrations. The basic search campaign that was running suddenly got a boost of over 3% more conversions and the average time spent on the website increased by a whopping 50 seconds. Our creatives for lead generation campaigns also got a very low top-funnel lead rate of €12 – which was later converted to around €60 for a service that cost €200. This is our most satisfying result from all our work, as it was genuinely catered to help a lot of people.


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