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Conceiving and designing India’s first localized game application.

Games Artisan is a Dubai-based organization that had been developing some pathbreaking apps in the sports circle. Their applications were mostly bespoke and catered directly to professionals for statistical analysis. They wanted to enter the consumer market and with an overall thought of creating something that could connect local citizens over a variety of sports. Want to play football, but don’t have friends who do so? This app would solve that by locating people who are inviting people to play physically. To make this possible, we had to conceive every single thing – but that’s exactly what we like doing.

Branding Idea

A sports app needs a sporty feel, but we wanted to take it one step further and make it futuristic too. The classic principle is to go neon, but we did a two-color branding, but with a 75/25 gradient effect. We complimented this with an outline of these colors on our elements, with the same ratio. Extending the color usage in these ratios across became a key branding idea around which basic UI/UX elements could be balanced.


An app like this needed various weaving ideas, which were centered around a homepage with a map. As we created the statistical and social components, we understood that people would love to have a chat room in which only their players could interact. We created ideas to make this chat room unique, full of reminders, and one which could score the players too. We called it ‘Locker Room’ – a common terminology in sports. We also added new tournament creation ideas for communities and businesses’ that do these activities for team bonding. To make it a total sports app, we added components that would feed the users news
across the sports world, with relevant scores of ongoing games.
And finally, we weaved a journey that was easy and engaging.


The app is scheduled for release in mid-2023 and is going through testing. However, from our perspective, the application not only achieved the simplicity the clients were after, but it also went beyond that to become a total product because of how we introduced more and more ideas. It wasn’t a part of our brief, but we believe that sticking to the brief creates limitations that don’t always result in good products.


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