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Flexible branding for European powerhouse to make it more impactful

Research for Purpose is a well-known research organisation based in Germany. They cater to digital consumers and performance trend reports to many esteemed organisations like WFO, WWF, and WHO across Europe. They wanted a branding that was of the same quality as the clients they serve. We couldn’t wait to scale this challenge.

Branding idea

We knew we had to use the core idea of people being the primary focus of research. We wanted our branding idea to be a bit obscure while staying positive because the world ultimately impacted other organizations to be better. To do this, we leveraged the digital nature of the work in this logo as a hashtag – and then we broke up the hashtag in different ways to create more sub-elements. The underlying idea was to always use the slants in the element, as it philosophically meant that Research for Purpose is striving to give a different perspective.

Design & Copy

For the positive vibe, we added a neutral yellow and merged it with black and white imagery. It’s a timeless combination that will always give a strong recall. We then layered this with our elements, to highlight the perspective idea. We extended this by making our text boxes slant too, while the copy was in a bold font, with direct action-oriented lines like “Amplify issues that really matter” – which made our idea feel very complete..


The project was all about elevation across all assets, which this branding had the flexibility to achieve. The more important task was to make the branding completely editable on all formats, so that the client could use it to export their reports – which again was achieved through the simplicity of the styling. We gave the clients an image bank and a broken-up identity for the them to match as they liked. And as a result, this became the most flexible branding project we’ve done till date.


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