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Reinventing the wellness space, with a burst of gradients

Dream Nutrition approached us with an idea that they believed would change the wellness industry. They had a patented formula in jelly form for different wellness solutions, which was unique and was never attempted in India. We had to achieve many things for this to be successful, right from its name to branding, website, and finally performance. But we had to do this on a tight budget – and hence without influencer support. That only excited us, because it’s the sort of challenge we thrive on.

Performance idea

The primary way to make this brand sell would come from attractiveness. This was the key for any new wellness brand, at least on the ad level. We had insight into how people didn’t care about the details of the product beyond knowing what it does. Thus, it was vital for us to create a stark personality, which would grab attention. That would give us the click volume – and then the website would house more information and lesser style to make the sale. To do this, we had to move away from the classic white or primary colour choices that wellness brands were making.


Knowing that we needed a flexible gradient palate meant that we had to choose colours in a way that could be broken up. The combination of all colours would be the palate by which the brand is seen. But when broken up, they gave different colour gradients for each product, producing an individual personality, but never too stark to differentiate it from the main branding. We doubled down on this in our photoshoot too.


With the packaging, it was important to balance the gradients with a lot of white for the legibility of information. We decided to add a big burst on the caps, which would then give the brand a unique identifier and also give us branding continuity. By keeping the product names direct, we were able to push out the key ingredients in a colour marquee on the side. The combination of these ideas was specific to both online and offline sales, as the product looked too attractive to ignore in both setups.

Design & Copy

By choosing to call the brand Dream Nutrition we had already set in some aspirations. The idea was to tell users that they can be the dream version of themselves through good nutritional habits. This also meant that we had to explore a dreamier setup in design, which aligned with our performance idea. To do this, we decided to go for gradients and the key trick was to create a palate that was flexible.


We took our cue from the packaging and repeated the trick, but throughout the website. The difference was that we were using a white background and spacing our highly colorized images for the pop effect. We took special care in designing the product page in a way that would give the users total information without them feeling the stress of reading.


In the short period of 3 months post-launch, the brand had generated 4000 customers on their email list and acquired sales at 2X ROAS. The idea to make the product look attractive had paid dividends as we got an average CPC of Rs. 10 – which gave us the volumes we needed to begin the middle funnel expansion. Currently, the brand is buoyed by the results and is expanding into more products and creating a wellness store that can tackle its competitors. By saving costs on influencers or videos, the brand is now enabled to use its cash flow to consolidate the results and scale with quality.


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