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Revitalized Strategy Nurtures a 3000 Strong Customer Growth

Inja Wellness sought to elevate their brand to appeal to mature, high-income audiences with their specialized collagen products. The aim was to modernize the brand, create a custom-coded Shopify theme for a high-class feel, and enhance their digital advertising strategy to improve returns on ad spend (ROAS).

Website Redesign and Custom Theme

We crafted a Shopify theme that mirrored the premium quality of Inja Wellness’s products. The design emphasized the world-class absorption rate of their collagen and the controlled hydrolysis process that sets their products apart​​.

Enhancing Product Appeal

We highlighted the unique offerings, such as India’s first veg collagen, and used tasteful imagery and compelling copy to communicate the desirability of the flavors available​​​​.

Health and Efficacy Communication

The website effectively communicated the health benefits, ensuring customers understood the effective results of the product within 30 to 90 days of use​​​​.

Digital Advertising Campaign

Our ads targeted working professionals looking to upskill, focusing on the transformative potential of Inja Wellness products. The carousel ads employed strong, memorable headlines to engage users and drive conversion​​.

Email and WhatsApp Automation Funnel

We developed a robust automation funnel that contributed to 40% of total revenue, creating a high customer lifetime value (LTV) and ensuring customer adherence to the recommended 3-month product usage period​​.


The ad campaigns achieved a 2.1 ROAS at 60% higher spends, scaling up the customer base by 3,000 within three months. The automated funnels effectively nurtured customer relationships, leading to an LTV of over Rs.6000 per customer​​.


Inja Wellness’s transformation showcases the power of tailored website design, precise copywriting, and strategic digital marketing. With an enhanced digital footprint and a refined customer journey, Inja Wellness has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the wellness space, appealing to discerning customers and achieving significant growth in both customer base and revenue.


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