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7X ROI make this boutique clothing brand sell like fast fashion

BYOGI is an Indian clothing brand that’s a part of the Art Of Living foundation, which meant that they had a lot of organic visibility and sales offline. The whole venture aims to rehabilitate disadvantaged women and teach them weaving skills, which is how each piece of clothing was made at BYOGI. The issue was the business couldn’t sustain itself through offline sales and their previous attempt at performance had failed. We had high confidence that our Meta strategy would not only make them profitable but also accelerate their sales on all levels to new heights.

Performance Idea

It was clear that not all of their products would sell online and we thought that it would be better to create an online store that sells only a particular aesthetic. We took inspiration from the name BYOGI and told the brand to make ethnic clothing that is comfortable, alongside a specific yoga collection. It was an unconventional approach as brands don’t often choose to sell different things online and offline. But it was a powerful one, as it allowed the brand to focus its inventory on the mediums that supported its sale. Furthermore, we decided to brand each collection differently, because that would give us the flexibility to create our winning sale condition.

Design & Copy

Our approach meant we had to transform the website to meet the goal. We decided to use as much space as possible, as a design concept to show comfort and decided the copy to be direct and product focused. The ads were made with the opposite logic of fitting as much as possible in the square space – so we used a format in which we could show more of the product in general. We also went deeper with our sub-branding by making each collection feel unique through our font choices and styling.


We believed that being direct was our only option and we leveraged the power of our packaging to do that. We rendered a lot of 3D mock-ups, which would give a higher definition view of the product than a shoot. We paired this with a few headline ideas, but the winning idea was direct. The intrigue of the ingredients and the styling created a lot of volume on the website which started converting at the rate of 4%, which was further proof of the fact that the packaging of the whole idea was meeting consumer expectations.


The plan worked and it started giving BYOGI consistent profits. We spent around 18L in 4 months on Meta ads and the brand made 40L through just the acquisition funnel. This meant that the brand sold over 4000 products in 5 months, which then gave them more impetus to go bigger than just be a boutique brand.


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