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Getting 1.5X ROI in the acquisition phase for a Rs.150 product

Daily Staple had already made waves in the offline market with their gluten-free premixes of Idli, Dosa, and Chilla. True to their name, these were staple requirements of many Indians. But their competition came from local stores that provided these batters at low costs. And that became our key problem to solve as we tried to create a new online sales environment for this Rs.150 product. The obvious answer was to lower the cost of Acquisition to under Rs.100 – but we had something entirely different in our minds.

Performance idea

We understood that getting a double-digit acquisition number was impossible for a new brand with zero media learning. However, the business situation meant the clients still needed some profits for the brand to continue online. To battle this, we leveraged UI/UX in a bid to create a higher average order value. We believed that with superior UI/UX, the brand would be able to attain profits – and it would also push up the acquisition cost barrier. To make this all work, we knew that the classic quantity positioning would get us the click volumes.

Design & Copy

The key problem with quantity positioning is that you can subside the product quality. In our case, it was the gluten-free element – but we thought using the pricing to our advantage was going to be more attractive to the masses. We had to find a design solution that didn’t compromise the quantity component but was distanced enough to highlight the gluten-free one too.


Once we could guarantee the click volume, it was all about how the UI enabled people to know and buy more. For this, we added variants on the products pages to make it easily accessible – plus gave a lot of discovery for value packs. This may seem obvious, but the spacing to make everything visible on a single screen, with responsiveness, is complex. Having achieved that, what remained to be seen was whether it converted. Disclaimer: it did.


The overall plan worked, as we generated an average order value of Rs.550 – meaning almost everyone who bought got more than one product. Our average CPC on the ads was a constant under Rs.10 – and it’s important to point out that this was on a static creative. Being a food product, we hadn’t used any video formats and had generated a consistent profit without it. This meant that the brand had a lot of scope for growth and optimization. We are in the 4th month of our performance – and now we can leverage the users who’ve bought to kick in the middle and lower funnels. The brand has now successfully created an online store, which is soon to expand with more products.


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