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Unlocking Meta’s Potential Leap with 30% reduction in Lead Costs

University18, already thriving through Google ads, was struggling to harness Meta’s potential for online course promotion. They sought not only to escalate their digital presence but also to integrate an automation system with their CRM, enhancing lead quality and tracking for more efficient sales conversions. Their goal was to break their previous best top-funnel cost of Rs.150 on Meta.

Website Overhaul

We developed a user-friendly landing page, keeping the focus universal yet engaging. The design was modernized, emphasizing online learning flexibility and showcasing course offerings from India’s finest universities​​​​.

Simplified User Flow and Lead Generation

The process from lead generation to admission was streamlined. Prospective students could easily fill out a lead form, receive an assessment, explore course options, apply for admission, and complete the admission process with continuous support​​.

Aspirational Ad Campaigns

Targeting working professionals seeking to upskill, our carousel ads highlighted how University18 transforms ambitions into achievements. By breaking down costs and emphasizing career benefits, the ads resonated with aspirational individuals​​.

CRM Integration and Lead Automation

We implemented a clean automation system, sorting leads effectively and providing the sales team with enhanced, actionable insights. This system allowed for better lead qualification and conversion tracking.


Our approach saw immediate success, breaking the Rs.150 barrier and achieving a cost of Rs.130 within the first three weeks on Meta. This marked a significant improvement in their digital marketing strategy, paving the way for further scaling.

Student Testimonials and Career Impact

Student reviews on the website testified to the quality and impact of University18’s courses, with many citing enhanced skills and career advancement​​. The career outcomes section further highlighted the tangible benefits of their programs, such as CV upgrades, career rebooting, and global recognition opportunities​​.

Flexibility and Convenience

The emphasis on time and location freedom, along with seamless online assessments, was a key factor in appealing to working professionals, allowing them to upgrade their skills without disrupting their careers​​.


University18’s case study is a prime example of how a strategic digital overhaul, combined with targeted ad campaigns and CRM integration, can significantly enhance online education platforms’ market presence and efficiency. By focusing on aspirational messaging and user convenience, University18 has set a new benchmark in online learning marketing.


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