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From Sales Slump to a Robust 1.5ROAS

Rungajaun Tea, steeped in heritage since 1962, saw its online sales wane. Facing budget constraints without the luxury of existing imagery, the brand was in dire need of revitalization. Our objective was clear: achieve a 1.5 ROAS, drive profits above breakeven, and pave the way for brand-building investments.

Brand Re-imagination

Acknowledging the brand’s depth of flavors and caffeine variety as a unique selling proposition, we overhauled the website. The refreshed branding exuded quality, focusing on the tea-making process and the rich heritage of the estate​​​​​​.

Custom Ratings for Taste and Caffeine

To aid consumer understanding, we introduced custom ratings, demystifying the taste and caffeine levels for an informed purchase decision​​​​.

Mature Messaging

The brand’s messaging was refined to “Savor Assam’s Finest Tea,” employing a mature lexicon to attract discerning tea connoisseurs.

Quality Customer Base

We strategically discontinued Cash on Delivery (COD) options to foster a high-quality customer base and minimize return risks.


Despite initial hurdles, our efforts bore fruit over six months, amassing 2000 customers at a 1.2 ROAS. The real profitability emerged through WhatsApp automation, nurturing a Lifetime Value (LTV) of over Rs. 3000 for 35% of customers, lifting the net ROAS to 1.8, surpassing our target​​.

Creative Breakthrough

Subsequent profits funded a photoshoot, enhancing our ad creatives, which further elevated our Meta ROAS to 1.4 and overall net ROAS to 2.2, setting a new benchmark for the brand.

Future Goals

With a steady eye on the prize, Rungajaun Tea now aims for 2000 monthly sales as we gear up to scale these numbers, weaving the brand’s timeless narrative into a modern success story.


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