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5X consistent ROAS for a winter hoodie brand, without breaking a sweat.

When we were approached by Lama, they only had an ambitious idea and inventory. They wanted to sell oversized winter hoodies in India and their prints were unique and funky. We were tasked to build a brand from the bottom up and take it into performance. The only problem was that they had already sourced the inventory, and it had to be sold in a matter of months. It was a big challenge and we wanted to scale in before the decided timeline.

Performance idea

We as an agency always believed that targeting overrated and that the algorithms today are smarter than human input. This was a theory we put to work for Lama by choosing to not advertise in just Northern cities. In fact, we went the opposite way and kept the targeting open on demographic and interest. The idea principally aligned with the objective of selling out the inventory, as it made our targeting extremely broad, which would then enable more types of people to buy.

Design & Copy

To make the targeting work, we knew we had to build in aspiration and intent into our brand. The key was to get a photoshoot that had a mix of cuteness and attitude, so that the product could appeal to both street fashion-seekers and comfort-seekers. This was then layered with researched colors and fonts that tend to make waves in the Gen-Z circle. The key line that eventually won was “Comfort from another world” – which was researched as we wanted the headlines to have a little mystery for the click.


This primary idea here was to reconstruct the product page and make it feel really young and modern, but functional. We decided to use space in the most optimum way, by fixing the sale half of the page. We then housed all the information, prioritising the variants. We then supplemented this with a 4-image structure to show the product. The belief was that this would give the user the maximum view without strain, and the freshness of the idea will make the sale more approachable.

Email Marketing

The UI/UX idea gave birth to a wonderful way to make e-mailers too. Using space in different ways gave us the ability to design many types of formats. Mixing negative space with image fills, made the emailers feel young, which was important to the sale. This had many benefits as it gave us more CTR, which then translated into data that could be used for further marketing.


The idea started to work within the learning phase of the Meta ads itself, and we could instantly see the benefits of no targeting. We started generating site clicks for an average of Rs.5, which then meant that we had a ton of volume to convert and re-convert. Since this was a Rs.5,000 product, there were natural drop offs, but the volume meant that we could constantly sell at 5X ROAS – with the bad days being a shade under 3X. They sold their inventory by January, but didn’t stop there. The success in media meant they knew they could scale the business. Fast forward to today and they have over 20 products being sold on Lama.


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