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How to market a food brand successfully with no food images? Make a kick-ass branding.

Brawny Bear had an awesome idea of reducing sugar intake from healthy breakfast products by adding dates as a substitute. This made their peanut butter, honey, and sugar nutritious and was the first of its kind in India. The only problem was the brand was in a pre-seeded phase and needed the sales on a super tight budget. Our challenge was to distribute most of the budget in performance by sacrificing a product shoot. We didn’t think that was a problem.

Branding Idea

We knew straight away that we had to make this feel like a breakfast brand and had to amplify the visibility of the product through color. We chose a different yellow and realized that not many brands were using it. The idea was that it would be hard to ignore in offline and online markets. To make it even harder to ignore, we added a custom-made bear as our logo.

Design & Copy

We wanted to respect the legacy of peanut butter and went through vigorous research of vintage American branding. The key thought was to group and use our words as units, which would help us have more space on the packaging, giving our yellow more ways to shine. This would also make the brand unique visually, which was critical to achieve for success.


We believed that being direct was our only option and we leveraged the power of our packaging to do that. We rendered a lot of 3D mock-ups, which would give a higher definition view of the product than a shoot. We paired this with a few headline ideas, but the winning idea was direct. The intrigue of the ingredients and the styling created a lot of volume on the website which started converting at the rate of 4%, which was further proof of the fact that the packaging of the whole idea was meeting consumer expectations.


Over the course of 2021 and 2022, we sold more than 50,000 Brawny Bear products online, while competing with brands with much wider and deeper finances. We beat them all on ROAS. Furthermore, the branding started to show results in the offline market – and the brand could sell its inventory to over 100 points of sale across the country. What started off as a limited-budget brand without photos had now transformed into a household favorite.


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performance. marketing. ui/ux.


performance. marketing. ui/ux.

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