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Crafting an Interactive Lead Funnel on Meta

CTRUH, offering a unique service in the 3D modeling space, required an innovative approach to initiate their lead generation through Meta. Their service, appealing to a niche market, necessitated a revamped website with a robust design and a clearer explanation of their offerings.

Website Redesign

We enhanced CTRUH’s website, ensuring the unique selling propositions of their service were front and center. The design was modernized to facilitate user interaction and understanding of the service’s intricacies.

Engaging Ad Campaigns

To effectively communicate how CTRUH’s service operates, we developed interactive carousel ads. These ads detailed the service length and utilized eye-catching headlines to ensure they were memorable and grabbed attention.

Educational Creative Approach

The ads were designed to educate potential customers about the service, using a step-by-step explanatory method that simplified complex 3D rendering processes into digestible content.


The ad campaign achieved an impressive Rs. 60 top funnel lead rate, demonstrating the efficacy of the interactive and educational approach in engaging a targeted audience. This success provided CTRUH with the momentum needed to accelerate their scaling efforts.


CTRUH’s case study underscores the importance of clear communication and interactive design in lead generation campaigns. By pairing a simplified explanation of services with compelling visuals and memorable headlines, CTRUH was able to significantly reduce lead costs and position themselves for rapid growth within their niche market.


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