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Merging UI/UX with marketing ideas to create India’s first thrift store community

The idea of creating India’s first thrift store community was always going to be a huge challenge for us. For starters, there were no proper references on how to chart this journey. The core thought to extract was a community, in which buyers can become sellers. It was a clear brief in which inspiring this action was key to the store’s success. We knew it not only needed high-quality UI/UX but also core marketing ideas woven through it. Navigating through this was the kind of challenge that inspired us to turn up to work every day.

Marketing Idea

We thought that the best way to create a community is by making the selling component easy and constant. To give this more substance, we added a selling tier system to promote the idea more. To add more life, we needed to create unique branding elements that made the tiers more attractive. Furthermore, ideas to promote top sellers in various components were conceived. And we thought to make it more solid, we needed content pieces that would talk about why selling on ShopAlt is amazing. Now it was about trying to fit all these ideas in clean UI/UX layouts.


On the face of it, the UI/UX aimed to simplify the journeys for all types of users. However, the key difference came with how we promoted and enabled audiences to sell. So, we scattered selling components through each journey. Not only that, the layouts were decided based on enabling this. Like our menu design, which operates as a drawer on both sides and it promotes selling in different ways. This decision took us away from catalogue headers, which are a mainstay in every online fashion store. Creating a contained UI experience made this a mobile-first website, though it was mainly conceived on a desktop.


For this project, we decided to make all decisions flow from the name. We knew this store is an alternative to mainstream fashion and it would in general give many new ways to engage. That’s how ShopAlt was born, a bit of functional and a bit of philosophy. We went deeper with the alternate idea and decided to use a range of colours, and make it poppy. We made a host of badges and stickers to add more personality and create a strong visual memory. Lastly, we wanted to pay homage to the vintage zone, because the idea of thrifting truly belonged there.


The work on this project spanned over 4 months and was entirely made on Figma. The website is due to launch in early 2023 and has been extremely positively received by the clients. It is yet to show conclusive numbers in its early days, but we do not doubt that our work has not only met the client’s objective but also added a string of new marketing thoughts that can convert. By the way, the marketing ideas were not a part of our brief, but we couldn’t resist them.


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