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Scaling to 1,200 Monthly Sales with Age-Old Wisdom and New Age Marketing

Fearless Tea, rooted in a 150-year legacy of premium tea cultivation, was at a crossroads. With a history as rich as its brews, the brand found itself struggling to translate its offline eminence to the online world, with a particularly low price point of Rs. 250 average and Rs. 400 AOV presenting a steep hurdle.

Website Journey Revamp

Recognizing the importance of first impressions, we reinvigorated Fearless Tea’s digital presence. The website was overhauled to reflect a bold personality, incorporating vintage aesthetics and long shadows that resonated with the brand’s name and heritage​​.

Targeting a Mature Demographic on Facebook

Our ad testing phase, spanning 40 days, unearthed a goldmine – the untapped audience of over-40-year-olds on Facebook, a demographic with a cultural penchant for tea. We seized this insight to tailor our ads, veering away from product displays to captivating imagery that embodied the essence of tea​​.

Localized and Culturally Resonant Messaging

The breakthrough came with the colloquial yet powerful tagline “Baap of Kadak Chai,” tapping into the local lexicon to forge a deep connection with the audience.

Cost Cap Campaigns and Social Proof

We fine-tuned our strategy with cost cap campaigns to maintain efficient spending while leveraging post IDs to amass social proof, amplifying trust and credibility.


Our strategic pivot not only met but exceeded our targets, brewing over 1000 sales month after month. Through adept email marketing campaigns and clear drip sequences, we achieved a remarkable 35% customer return rate, a testament to the brand’s resonating appeal and our targeted approach.


Fearless Tea is now poised to scale from 1200 to 2000 sales monthly, all within the first half-year of our partnership, proving that even the most traditional brands can find their fearless edge and flourish online.


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