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How do you go toe-to-toe with Fintech giants? Focus on financial wellness for Gen Z

Galgal came to us for UI/UX and website development with a super strong tech that allowed banking to move into the future. But they had a very clear target of attracting GEN-Z audiences, as it was an uncaptured space. It made a lot of sense too, as this audience would be highly receptive to early adoption, especially as they would also begin their banking journey at that age. However, it was still a banking app and it needed a certain maturity about it so that it could stay open to more types of audiences. It was a tricky balancing act that we were extremely thrilled by.

Copy & Design Idea

To attract the audience and get them to understand the app it was important to have sharp copy primarily. It couldn’t be in the language the audience speaks, but one that they like reading. This distinction led the way to our key tagline “The Feel-Good Banking App” – which was aimed to imply that Galgal is stress-free and easy. As we developed the idea of the design, we used the inspiration of the name Galgal, which meant Lemon. This meant we were able to use fresh colours and use lemon as a constant trope to build identity. The key to making it feel more mature came from our idea of not using a mascot to show all animations but using a variety of animation in text, UX, and illustrations. This gave way to a unique vibe, one which was able to stand out without being childish.


To complement the copy and design thought, we decided to make our UI/UX a rather simple one. The core thought was to use segments that are 75% of normal height, so that we could overlap information on all screens. We keenly avoided any segment interactions, or scroll interactions – as we thought the animation overall was sufficient for engagement. With a linear UI, the idea was to make all information easy to access and consume for all age groups.


This was then matched with simple animations to show how the app worked, with some basic lemon mascot tropes to keep the feeling light. The usage of the yellow colour for texts gave the notion of a new experience, and the clip masks of people with yellow outlines supplemented the whole branding.


The app was launched in late 2022 and was received with a lot of optimism. It had already generated thousands of pre-signups at around Rs.50 Cost Per Lead. And this was a key number for us as the audiences could only sign up through the website. The cost per lead number was blowing the average numbers out of the water, and we believed a lot of that was down to our overall work on the website. Today, the app has received $1 Million in investment as on its way to squeezing more and more.


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