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Simplifying a complex science through UI/UX to wake up a sleeping giant

Your Umang had a patented science that was successful in creating a molecular impact on hair growth. They already had a lot of success in private distribution circles and through offline store partnerships. But their online sales suffered a lot, as it was complex to explain this science. The key challenge here was not only to simplify the science but also to make the brand more consumable and friendly for online audiences. So, we went ahead and revamped everything for them.

Branding idea

After understanding the science, we realized that it had a good impact on people’s health. We thought that this would be the best way to move it forward, by portraying a hard science brand with the softness of wellness. We believed that doing so will make the brand a lot more approachable and it’ll also give audiences more than one reason to buy the product.

Design & Copy

Trust-building in this category is of paramount importance. We knew that testimonials aren’t always the only way, so we dug deep and started to talk about each of the 20-plus ingredients in each of their product. This was then paired with a circular design idea to show wellness that came from within. We avoided people representation to get audiences to concentrate on the information instead. At last, we added a lot of animation around our information to simplify it even further.


What started as a hair-growth brand diversified into a wellness brand with over 10 products, making it a complete online solution for many people. The shift in branding and simplification of the science gave people a clear reason to buy and trust the brand. This caused their online sales to surge by over 200%. And it sustained.


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