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Getting leads for Rs.50, with a client LTV of Rs.5,00,000

Betacrew offers a unique SAAS service, which outsources software and language engineering services. This is a notoriously scarce idea that hasn’t been previously attempted in India. The key problem to solve was acquiring clients which could pay for this service on a limited budget of Rs.2000 daily spend. For this objective, most agencies wouldn’t even touch Meta and instead go to Google. We obviously had a different opinion.

Performance idea

In August 2021, the media landscape had just gone through a big reshuffle because Apple had enforced privacy changes on iOS – which primarily gave users an option to not share their data. Great for the people; bad for advertisers. It disrupted the website data flow, which had become the main idea for recapturing intention. We understood that Meta had to balance this by optimising their in-app data, which would flow faster and more accurately and without disruption. Also, Meta had just reformed their Lead Generation tool which made it easy for a user to put in an inquiry on the ad itself, without going to the website or leaving the app. This prompted us to use their Lead Generation tool, with the idea that the in-app data optimisation would give us the edge on placements and good CPM audiences.

Design & Copy

Though that by itself wouldn’t do the trick – we had to make the conversation super sharp and modern. We figured that SAAS brands work the best when they are really confident in their design and language. We took that insight and amped it up.


This, however, was only broad level of acquisition , which didn’t mean a dime in conversions yet. So we placed a robust tagging automation on Active Campaign, created multiple automated emails and offline touchpoints to qualify the leads, and to give our clients only precise High-Quality Leads that were easier to convert. As a sweetener, we even automated their Calendly booking, response, and confirmation.


The top funnel acquisition cost dropped to Rs.50, giving us the volume we needed to make the automation work. While the down funnel conversion rate hovered around Rs.1500, which is awesome because each acqusition had a minimum LTV of Rs.5,00,000.


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performance marketing. uI/uX

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performance. marketing. ui/ux.

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performance marketing. Branding. ui/ux.

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