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Data-driven branding put a regional edu-tech app on the map

Central Square Foundation was keen to release an education app that parents of low-income groups could use. The idea was to empower them with video tools to teach their children, so they could save some money on tuition fees. The key challenge for us was to find a branding that really works and represents this section of society. We really wanted to get this right, so we set out to distant villages and towns in North India to talk to over 100 people in person.

branding idea

We quickly identified that people like the word ‘top’ – and it was mostly understood by everyone, even if they didn’t know English. This was important as the word ‘top’ was also a key search term and also gave the brand in-store exposure. The app was about parents, so we combined the two to create an app name “Top Parent.”
We understood that the logo here, especially as an app, was critical. Though most logos in this space are letter logos, we couldn’t quite do that. We wanted the representation to start right from the logo, and we wanted it to be understood too. Showing growth through good parenting was the key idea that we took on and created the world of Top Parent.

Design & Copy

Being a regional brand, we had to find branding elements that could blend well with Hindi and show growth. We wanted to use these basic elements so that everyone could understand and be subliminally informed. The colour decision was made with the category in mind, but we also wanted to present a sense of calmness and vibrancy too. Combine all of this, and you have Top Parent, specifically designed for the Hindi masses.


The app was launched in 2021 by various Chief Ministers and political figures as part of their education program. The assets used to launch this was from our branding. The final UI/UX was also heavily informed by us. The launch was received with great positivity and currently has over 100K downloads. It grows every day and helps more and more parents become good educators too.


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