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Inspired by No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, Grapple Fit came to us with the idea of becoming a lifestyle brand that in parallel also operates a premium training service with specialist grapplers. It was a complex topic and also reserved for a niche and we were tasked with trying to simplify the concept and make it appealing to the masses. It’s not every day you get a challenge like this, and we just wanted to jump right into it.

branding idea

The concept of flow is huge in grappling; symbolizing a balance of thought and skill. We wanted GrappleFit to enable the thought of what ‘flow’ means and use it as a key element in design and copy. We wanted to philosophically symbolize the idea of grappling and transcending off the mat into everyday life.

Design & Copy

The whole idea was to break up the logo and use it constantly and prominently. The idea behind the logo is a bird-eyes view of two grapplers instance, facing each other. The symmetric, sharp unit is recognizable from every angle, aimed to portray the mat. We then merged it with heavily filtered imagery to add a motivational feel. The logo was fluid and could be adapted to mats, clothing, and just about anything else. We felt that this in itself should be very strong for recall, which is the key for this type of branding work that relies on subculture and community.


With constant logo usage, we had achieved the primary target of becoming recognizable on identity alone. This was the main step towards becoming a mass clothing brand with a very specific inspiration. The imagery choice and copy added grit, while the adapts made our primary idea work even better. Today, GrappleFit sells clothing in Dubai, and 50% of its buys are attributed to people who know nothing about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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