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Custom Creativity Leads to a 5-Fold ROAS Return

Taggie, a personalized pet ID tag powerhouse, was no stranger to online success, maintaining a decent 2.4 ROAS. Yet, they aspired for more – a leap to a stable 4.5 ROAS. The quest was to scale without losing the brand’s soul in the performance marketing matrix.


Our initial dive into Taggie’s strategy revealed a stark void – the brand’s personality wasn’t shining through their ads. We knew it was time to infuse character into their campaigns, championing the belief that ads with an enjoyable experience triumph in the auction arena.

Engaging Visuals with Functionality

We crafted ads that were a visual treat and yet straight to the point. Each ad featured playful yet dignified pet portraits coupled with a clear message – “Keep Them Safe with Taggie” – blending emotional appeal with practical utility​​.

Tapping into the Instagram Explore Tab

Understanding pet owners’ habits led us to innovate within the Instagram Explore space. Our custom ad format split the standard square into four, showcasing multiple products in one view. This not only grabbed attention but also gave the illusion of abundance, cleverly occupying more digital real estate.


The new strategy didn’t just meet the 4.5 ROAS goal; it surpassed it, hitting a stable 5 ROAS. The vibrant, personality-packed ads resonated with pet owners, turning casual browsers into committed buyers. Taggie’s identity was now synonymous with safety, style, and substance.


Taggie’s journey from a solid performer to a market sensation underscores the power of a well-crafted ad strategy. By pairing creativity with precise targeting, we demonstrated that even the most functional products could spark joy and drive sales, reinforcing that in the digital marketing symphony, creativity and personality are the maestros leading the charge.


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