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Turning Controversy into 4.4x Returns with Strategic Campaigns

Jiva Water, introducing a ground-breaking concept in water purification, faced scepticism and disbelief. Their product, a device priced at a premium Rs.8,260, claimed to infuse ‘Life Energy’ into water, a concept unfamiliar and controversial to many. Our challenge was to not just introduce this revolutionary idea but also drive sales in a market unaccustomed to such innovations.

Campaign 1:
Awareness Objective

We launched an awareness campaign with videos of the founder passionately discussing the concept. These were not sales pitches but stories, capturing the essence of Jiva’s innovation. We aimed to pique interest and gather data on engaged audiences.

Campaign 2:
Reach Objective

Using the data from Campaign 1, we refined our audience. The content here was an expanded narrative of the initial videos, maintaining engagement and further filtering our audience.

Campaign 3:
Sale Objective

With rich data from the preceding campaigns, we introduced the product in a static carousel format. This step was crucial – selling a product that not just purifies but revitalizes water with ‘Life Energy’​​​​.


The innovative approach paid off. The campaigns built a narrative that educated and intrigued the audience, gradually leading them from curiosity to conviction. In 45 days, we sold over 100 units at an impressive ROAS of 4.4, a testament to the power of tailored, progressive marketing strategies for unconventional products.


Jiva Water’s case is a classic example of how complex, controversial products require more than traditional marketing. It’s about building a story, educating the market, and gradually guiding them to see the value in innovation. Our strategic campaign structure turned skepticism into sales, proving that even the most unconventional products can achieve remarkable success with the right approach.


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