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8X ROAS, in the international market

Organicule had made a name for itself in Malaysia’s retail market because of its unique sourcing of exotic superfood powders. Their products were fresh, rare, and healthy – which was proving to be a big hit offline. But this didn’t translate online at all. Their previous attempts with performance marketing had yielded negative ROAS, which surprised them. But it didn’t surprise us, because we could see the possibilities that weren’t accessed.

Performance idea

We understood that the brand was tight on budgets and couldn’t afford a photoshoot before we churned their profits. So we decided to make 3D renders to give the packaging a more high-definition view than a photo shoot. Among the competitors, the popular ad idea was to show a recipe or to show food with the product. However, we believed that the brand was selling offline because of its packaging at the end of the day, and it made a lot of sense to amplify that with our ads.

Design & Copy

We took the performance idea as the main pivot to deciding our styling and copy. We used a sourcing conversation to make the product authenticity our main play – the key was to amplify the country they sourced their powders from. And the thought was then supported on the design level with hand-drawn illustrations of the fruit or vegetable. To make it pop more, we used the product color as our key recall play. This meant we had to create many sub-brandings for each of their product.

content strategy

The key for us was to show the amazing variety in which Organicule superfood powders can be used. It was the main weapon, as it not only persuaded new consumers but also gave returning consumers a good reason to buy again. Often, recipes are used as a supportive content idea, but we made it our primary idea. Alongside making our blogs extremely search friendly, we doubled down on design too. No imagery meant we had to compensate with more design, which gave way to a new style of blogs. It turned out the formatting of the blogs was efficient and were easily adaptable on e-mails too. This enabled us to communicate with all cohorts of audiences’ super effectively.


We launched these creatives in a strict audience setting before the Chinese New Year. The plan played out, as our creatives learned a week prior to Chinese New Year, and were optimized for people looking to stock up for the month. What resulted was a high ROAS of 9x, which was then further sustained at 5x beyond the holiday period.


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