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Art Of Living

Reducing lead acquisition rates by 75% for a global brand in the US


Scaling to 1,200 Monthly Sales with Age-Old Wisdom and New Age Marketing

Shop Alt

Merging UI/UX with marketing ideas to create India’s first thrift store community

Inja Wellness

Revitalized Strategy Nurtures a 3000 Strong Customer Growth


5X consistent ROAS for a winter hoodie brand, without breaking a sweat

Brawny Bear

How to market a food brand successfully with no food images? Make a kick-ass branding.

Dream Nutrition

Reinventing the wellness space, with a burst of gradients


How do you go toe-to-toe with Fintech giants? Focus on financial wellness for Gen Z

Jiva Water

Turning Controversy into 4.4x Returns with Strategic Campaigns


Crafting an Interactive Lead Funnel on Meta

Live Alt Life

Simplifying Health Transformation


Custom Creativity Leads to a 5-Fold ROAS Return


From Sales Slump to a Robust 1.5ROAS


Scaling to 1,200 Monthly Sales with Age-Old Wisdom and New Age Marketing


7X ROI make this boutique clothing brand sell like fast fashion

Daily Staple

Getting 1.5X ROI in the acquisition phase for a Rs.150 product.


8X ROAS, in the international market

Pink Jam Life

Enabling a life coaching service in London, from Mumbai


Conceiving and designing India’s first localized game application.

Research for purpose

Flexible branding for European powerhouse to make it more impactful.

Your Umang

Simplifying a complex science through UI/UX to wake up a sleeping giant

Top Parent

Data-driven branding put a regional edu-tech app on the map


Getting leads for Rs.50, with a client LTV of Rs.5,00,000


Bringing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training & fashion wear to the world.