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Strategic Pivot Reduces CPA by 30%, Elevating ROAS to Unprecedented 2.1

Re’equil, a skincare brand, was looking to break past a 1.9 ROAS plateau while spending over Rs.1,00,000 daily on ads. Their advertising predominantly focused on functional aspects without fully utilizing creative strategies like cost caps or advantage plus campaigns.

Creative Revamp

We infused personality into Re’equil’s ad copies while keeping the design consistent, striking a balance between functional and memorable. This approach aimed to resonate more deeply with the target audience, while the subtle design changes maintained brand recognition.

Efficient Campaign Structure

Implementing cost cap campaigns with low bids, we expanded the ad presence without overspending. This structure ensured we only paid for ads that achieved our target cost, optimizing the budget.

Robust Automation Funnel

A significant investment was made in developing an email and WhatsApp automation funnel. This system now contributes to 40% of total revenue and has boosted the customer lifetime value to over Rs.6000, ensuring customer retention and consistent product use over the recommended three months.


The refreshed creative strategy and optimized campaign structure led to a 30% reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) while increasing ad spends by 20%. The strong messaging and visual appeal of the ads played a crucial role in this achievement.


Re’equil’s case study exemplifies the effectiveness of combining a creative advertising approach with strategic campaign management. By revamping their ad copy and employing cost-efficient bidding strategies, Re’equil significantly improved their ROAS, scaled their spending, and cultivated a more loyal customer base. This dual approach of creative engagement and systematic automation has set a new benchmark for the brand in digital marketing.


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