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How INJA Collagen Helps

  • + Rejuvenate, Support, and Strengthen Skin

  • + Increase Skin Hydration and Skin Glow

  • + Aid Skin Elasticity

  • + Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • + Tighten Skin & Improve Skin Tone

+ Strengthen Hair at The Roots

+ Increase Hair Growth

+ Enhance Hair Thickness & Volume

+ Improve hair texture

+ Prevent hair follicle damage

+ Grow Lean Muscle

+ Aid Muscle Repair & Recovery

+ Improve Joint Health & Mobility

+ Strengthen Joint Health

+ Reduce Joint Inflammation

+ Reinforce Tendons & Ligaments

+ Restore Bone Mineral Density

+ Preserve Bone Health & Flexibility

+ Improve Gut Health

+ Boost Immunity

+ Strengthen Nails

+ Foster Nail Growth

+ Reduce Nail Breakage & Damage

+ Decrease Nail Brittleness

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Results from Daily Consumption

30 Days

Rise in Levels of Collagen in the Body

45 Days

Increased Skin Elasticity, Improved Joint Health & Faster Nail Growth

60 Days

Reduction in Fine-Lines & Wrinkles. Enhanced Skin Glow and Healthier Hair

90 Days

Adequate Collagen Level

Post 90 Days

Continue Consumption to Maintain and Improve Results

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Giving Back!

For every purchase from our website, we donate clean water to someone in need.

Give yourself the gift of beauty and give someone the gift of life.

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